Niverpack is a filling & packing company equipped with modern machinery in a spacious production area with years of knowledge and experience, specializing in facilitating production for our clients.

Niverpack is a filling, processing & packing company with over 20 years of knowledge and experience. Specialized in facilitating the production process for our clients. A spacious production area, equipped with modern (hi-tech) machinery.

With our focus on quality and no-nonsense approach, we fill our client’s needs. This ensures our clients that we do what we have agreed upon, confiding to leave their production to us.

Filling bottles, cans and tubes with liquids is the core business of Niverpack. We also perform supportive activities, such as purchasing, mixing and stirring, packaging and storage. We are a partner, working alongside our clients and always searching for the right solutions.

Are you looking for a reliable partner, facilitating your production process? Then we suggest a personal meeting to discuss our possibilities and options for you.