• Professionele afvulbedrijf

Our value


We are flexible by nature, whether it concerns optimum production numbers, delivery times or quality. We think and work closely together with our clients. In order to be flexible, we have ample capacity and dedicated staff that enables us to cope with peaks and fluctuations in production.
Our quality procedures are conform ISO 22716 (GMP) and ISO 9001. We are in possession of the -sign license from the NMI that is internationally acknowledged. We always deliver according to the quality requirements clients request. We have all the environmental permits for all our activities. Of course we ensure good working conditions for our staff.
Delivery time
We strive to keep delivery times as short as possible and to deliver on-time.
Long-term relationships
We invest in long-term relationships with our clients. We have experienced that building long-term relationships with our clients result in partnership. Our clients value our support.