Niverpack is specialized in filling liquids and pasty products which can be filled in a variety of bottles, cans and tubes on modern hi-tech automated production lines.

  • Personal care
    shampoos, lotions, gels, disinfectants, hand soaps, essential oils and anti-insect products.
  • Detergents
    floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and technical cleaners.
  • Technical products
    fuel additives, degreasers, motor oil and lubricants.

In our production factory, we have modern production lines to fill liquids, tube filling machines, and sealers with shrink tunnels. We are well equipped to handle production orders at 10.000 and up to 300.000 pieces.

All our production lines are calibrated for extreme accuracy and programmable for any product-specific requirement. Built-in inkjets, capping machines, labellers and (box-)sealers are included. We can also seal bottles by means of induction sealing.

We fill, according to the volumetric principle, and hold the ℮-sign. This means: we fill, according to the European Union directive 76/211/EEC.